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Product description

Spray gun is used for painting work. Compressed air is essential. The paint from the gun tank and the compressed air supplied to the gun form a mixture of lacquer and air particles at the nozzle outlet of the gun.


Getting Started 
Using a wrench, tighten the nozzle. Check the tightness and reliability of the compressed air supply connections. Blow air hose, before connecting it to the installation. Before using the gun make sure that it is properly cleaned and maintained. Make sure that the container with the coating material has been properly sealed.

Adjusting the spray jet width 
Change the width and shape of the spray jet can be achieved by rotating the air nozzle. The shape of the jet can be smoothly adjusted from flat to round depending on the needs. The amount of coating material supplied to the air stream is determined by the volume control knob. The spray adjustment knob adjusts the intensity of the coating material to the air. It is advisable to set the mix stream so as to obtain as small particles of coating material as possible, to provide a better spreading of the coating material on the surface.

Working with the gun
Use the gun to maintain the distance between the gun outlet and the covered surface in the range of 10 to 15 cm. Try to keep the gun outlet perpendicular to the surface to be covered. Avoid curving movements, resulting in uneven distribution of the coating material. It is recommended to apply several thin layers, rather than one thick.

Airflow adjustment 
Depending on the type of coating material, the compressed air quantity must be selected by adjusting the air pressure control knob.

Replacing the nozzle 
Make sure the entire nozzle assembly is replaced. The kit includes a coating material nozzle, spigot and air nozzle.

Seal of the needle 
Check the sealing of the needle seal during operation. In case of significant wear, replace the gasket during the periodic inspection of the gun using a wrench to remove the seal assembly

Cleaning and maintenance 
After finishing work, disconnect the gun from the compressed air system and empty the tool tank from the remaining coating material. Thoroughly clean the container from the residue of the coating material. Thoroughly clean the entire transmission line of the coating material. Inaccurate cleaning will reduce the flow characteristics of the coating material. Clean the air nozzle with a brush dipped in a solvent. Never immerse the entire gun in a solvent. Never clean clogged openings with hard objects, as slight internal damage can adversely affect the performance of the spray jet. After washing the gun, apply a small amount of lubricant to the moving parts of the seal. Tighten the coating material to such an extent to avoid leaks,

Technical data

EAN 5906083923463
Mark yato
Unit PCS
Gross Weight (kg) 1.2300
Master Carton MC 10
Pile 120
Pressure [bar] 3
Package color box
Nozzle Size [mm] 1.8
Size of coupler [inch] 1/4 "
Yield [l / min] 380
Capacity [L] 1.0
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