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Product description

Vacuum pump is a multifunctional device used to diagnose systems in cars and technology, whose operation is based on pressure or underpressure. It is equipped with accessories that allow use in almost every engine or system. 

The YT-0674 pump is equipped with a switch which, depending on the position, allows to create a vacuum or pressure. 
Moving the switch towards the pump outlet will result in a vacuum being created during pumping. A switch moved towards the handle will cause pressure to be generated during pumping. 

Measuring range: from -1 to 3 bar

Purpose / use

With the help of a pump you can carry out diagnostics, among others following systems and systems: 

Computerized engine control equipment: 
- barometric pressure sensor (BARO) 
- PVC system 
- exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) 
- thick-film pressure sensors (MAP) 

Ignition control devices: 
- vacuum ignition advance 
- retard valve: SDV, RCV 

System brakes: 
- classic brakes 
- ABS brakes 
- air brakes 
- brake lines 
- brake servo 

Other systems: 
- air conditioning 
- cruise control 
- fuel tank and fuel system
- vacuum door closing system


Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) diagnostics 
The EGR system valve is an example of a vacuum actuated valve. In the absence of a vacuum, the valve is closed and the exhaust gases do not come out of the valve. If the vacuum is applied to the valve, it is opened, allowing exhaust gas recirculation. 

Diagnostics for thick-film pressure sensors (MAP) 
• Assemble the pump and reservoir system as for bleeding the brake calipers, and then connect to the vacuum connection of the sensor. 
• Push the pump lever until the needle shows -0,5 bar. Finish pumping and observe the pointer, it should be stationary. If the pointer moves, it means damage to the MAP sensor.
• During operation, the MAP sensor sends feedback signals to the control computer. The signal has a frequency between 85 Hz and 160 Hz depending on the vacuum level. Frequency meter is necessary for frequency measurement, it should be connected in accordance with the sensor and meter instructions. 

Bleeding the brake calipers. 
• Ensure that the brake system expansion tank is filled with fluid up to the nominal volume. 
• Perform the breather operation in the following order: 
- master cylinder, if equipped with a breather valve 
- brake calipers in the order from the closest to the master cylinder to the furthest 
• Connect the short flexible hose to the connection located on the bottom of the pump tank cover.
• Close the pump tank with the lid. 
• Connect long flexible hoses to the cover connections. The end of one of the long hoses should be connected to the pump and the other to the breather valve (calipers) of the brake caliper. If necessary, use an adapter. 
• Push the pump lever 10 - 15 times to create a negative pressure in the pump tank. 
• Unscrew the breather valve by 1/4 - 1/2 turn so that the pump tank is filled with liquid up to a height of about 5 cm. Tighten the breather valve. 
• Disconnect the pump hose from the breather valve, the breather procedure has been completed.
• Before repeating the bleeding procedure in the next clamp, empty the pump tank from the brake fluid and top up the brake fluid level in the brake system to the nominal level.

Technical data

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