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Product description

Protective helmet is a second category protective device used to protect the upper part of the head against injuries caused by falling objects. The protective helmet has been equipped with a visor and an adjustable truss (carrying system). The shell of the helmet is made of ABS plastic. The helmet around the shell has a drainage gutter. Ventilation holes have been placed at the top of the helmet. 
The helmet has an additional equipment in the form of ear defenders with sealing cushions made of PVC, mounted on it with the help of half-springs made of steel wire.
The helmet has been equipped with a hinged mesh face shield designed for individual protection of the eyes and face against mechanical hazards. The cover protects against the impact of high velocity particles. The cover mesh is made of steel.

Purpose / use

Protection of the head, eyes and hearing, specific threats at work with a petrol-powered saw.


Helmet support system allows adjustment in the range from 50 to 66 centimeters. In order to adjust the length of the band that wraps the head, set the desired length, behind it
using the knob located on the tape at the back of the helmet. Make sure that the helmet will not move during movement and will not cause pressure. It is also possible to adjust the height of the band that covers the head with respect to the supporting system. Four hooks are used for this purpose, the strap hooks must be inserted through the openings of the supporting system attached to the shell of the helmet. Damping bowls for ear protectors in such a way that the ear pinns are completely inside the suppressing bowls. The edge of the sealing cushion should adhere tightly to the head around the earlobes. The height of the ear cups can be adjusted in the vertical plane. Earmuffs attached to the helmet meet the requirements for the range of small, medium and large size. If ear muffs are not worn, they should be lifted and turning the bowls placed on the back of the helmet. Remove the earmuffs from the helmet by squeezing the latch, and then pull out the latch from the mounting slit. For assembly, simply insert the hook into the assembly slot. The helmet is delivered with disassembled mesh face shield. For assembly, place the middle cover hole through the latch on the mesh holder and move it to prevent separation of the grid from the holder. Then, bending the net on the holder, the side holes of the net should be moved through the hooks and rotated so that the net is securely fixed in the holder. In addition to the mesh supplied in the set, the covers VOREL 74463 and VOREL 74464 also fit. The grip of the face shield has a regulation that allows the mesh to be placed closer or further to the face. To do this, simply move the cover forward or backward. Make sure that both controls are aligned.

Contents of the package

Helmet (Helmet) protective. 
Reticular face shield. 
User manual.

Technical data

Index number74201
EAN 5906083742019
Mark flo
Gross weight (kg) 1.1880
Master Carton MC 8
Protection category II
Material 1784.1794
Weight [g] 1188
Colour yellow
Size 50-66
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