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Kadaka tee 1 (Rabaküla tee 4/1 ) Tallinn - Tellimisel
Linnamäe tee 37A Tallinn - Tellimisel
Meistri tee 3 Tutermaa - 2

Product description

Telescopic aluminum ladder 3.8 m. 13 degrees. Telescopic ladder with automatic folding system. Made in accordance with the latest European Union directive EN131-6: 2015. Thanks to this function, the assembly process is very convenient, fast and above all safe. It prevents crushed fingers.

Thanks to the telescopic construction, it is possible to distribute it to any length up to 3.8 m, depending on the user's needs. Max. Load capacity 150 kg. A special advantage of the VOREL ladder is its small dimensions after folding 47x90 cm. This facilitates both transport, handling and storage. It can be conveniently stored in flats, basements or cells, because it does not require a large area. It is also very convenient to transport. It is located freely in the trunks of passenger cars and it is no longer necessary to use a bus or a car with a roof rack to transport it. Small dimensions and weight also allow you to safely move it, without fear of damage or scratching walls, furniture, etc.
It is made of high quality materials. Telescopic profiles and rungs are made of aluminum. However, all connections between the rungs and telescopes are made of nylon - a material resistant to low temperatures (it does not crack in the cold) and weather conditions (it does not crumble after a few years). High quality is confirmed by certificates for compliance with EN131-6: 2015 standards. 
In addition, it has a warning level at a height of 1 m from the upper edge, signaling the maximum safe working height. In contrast, non-slip rungs have a specially corrugated surface, reducing the risk of slipping and falling. In addition, the ladder has profiled rubber non-slip feet that ensure good adhesion to the ground and protect them against scratches.

Purpose / use

VOREL telescopic aluminum ladder has a wide range of applications: 
- at home 
- in the garden 
- at the construction site 
- on allotment gardens

Technical data

Index number17701
EAN 5906083177019
Mark Vorel
Gross weight (kg) 12.0000
Maximum length 3,8m
Number of rungs 13
Maximum load capacity 150kg
Complex dimension 47x90
stuff aluminum
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